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I am lucky enough to have been invited to speak about my work at various national and international conferences, to service deliverers, designers, and academic audiences. Here you’ll find links to a select few of those presentations:



Lancaster, England. April, 2014.

Presented a co-authored paper, ‘The potential of a Design for Service approach to transform voluntary community sector organisations’, which described the outcomes of using service design in three charities.



Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. May, 2013.

Gave a presentation, ‘Using design to rethink mental health’, which described the impact of using a service design approach at a mental health and wellbeing charity.


Mind’s CEO Conference

Birmingham, England. November, 2012.

Ran two workshops demonstrating the power of design thinking and describing the impacts of using a service design approach at Tyneside Mind.


DMI 2012 International Research Conference: Leading Innovation through Design

Boston, USA. August, 2012.

Presented a co-authored paper, ‘A third way for the third sector: generating a framework to recognise the impact(s) of the co-design of service innovation in third sector organisations using a critical design research cycle’. 


Age UK Services for Later Life

London, England. July, 2012.

A plenary speaker at this national conference, ‘Befriending: A fresh look at an established service’ described a project that used service design; issues that were identified, new ideas, changes made and the impact on the service users.


DESIS Forum Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland. May, 2012.

Presented the outcomes of embedding service design tools and methodologies at Age UK Newcastle.


Innovation through Knowledge Transfer 2012

Bournemouth, England. April, 2012.

Presented a co-authored paper, ‘The Third Way for the Third Sector: Using Design to Transfer Knowledge and Improve Service in a Voluntary Community Sector Organisation’, which presented design as a process for experiential learning.


Design4Health Conference

Sheffield Hallam University, England. July, 2011.

Presented a co-authored paper ‘Designing healthy services: The value of a Service Design approach’, which discussed the key outcomes of the Age UK Newcastle KTP Programme.


SDN Conference

Berlin, Germany. October, 2010.

Presented a co-authored paper ‘Driving Lessons in Service Design’, which described how staff at Age UK Newcastle had been engaged in the approach in order to embed it in the organisation.


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